Ways to Support the Tiny Home Community

Please consider supporting our project here.

Ways to help out financially:

Snail mail a check made out to

MHC, Inc.

821 Hillandale Rd. Ste. 1B #171

Durham, NC 27705-2671

Contribute One-Time, Monthly or Yearly on PayPal HERE

or Click on the Donate link or use the QR Code at the bottom of this page

Financial Support

All Around Help

Experience with Capital Campaigns.

Help with Events.

Help with the IDD population.


We are still doing the "Name the Community" fundraiser!

A new vote puts 'The Cottages at Guess Road' in the lead!

Name Votes

Jacob's Keep 126

Cottages at Guess Road 205

Midtown Villas 75

Kathy's Kourt 0 (27 votes but no dollars attached)

You can pick from the list of names above or 'write in' your suggestion when you vote. $1 per vote, vote as much as you want.


Use this QR Code or the Green Donate button below to vote. Then send me a quick email with the name you voted for.

We had several ballots marked with no funds attached, (and some hanging chads too). Unfortunately, those votes didn't count.