Our Project

At MHC, we are strong believers community. The MHC community will have space for outdoor activities such as a gazebo, a bbq grill, and garden areas. The community center would conduct programs of interest to everyone in the neighborhood. Some of the proposed activities would include but not limited to; exercise classes, dance lessons, cooking classes, movie night, dances, and holiday parties. People from surrounding communities would be invited to join.

MHC is targeting Durham, NC for our first community. The community will be convenient to neighborhood grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping. It will also be close to public transportation.

Residents will be required to bring their own disability related supports. Midtown Housing Coalition will not provide any individual specific supports that are not related to the community center.

  • The spaces in the upper and lower left are for the community gardens.

  • Gazebo area would have a BBQ grill and picnic tables.

  • The area would be well lite at night for safety.

  • Ample parking for family and care givers.

  • Every home will be wheelchair accessible so folks can visit each other.

  • Near public transportation.

  • Near employment opportunities.

  • Close to medical and dental care.

  • Peer Support through a sense of community.

Community Benefits

Please Note, these are representations of our vision. The community details are not finalized at this time.

Each Tiny Home will be a self-contained unit with a full kitchen/breakfast area, washer/dryer, and full bathroom.

All the one-bedroom units will be 500 to 600 square feet.

Each home will be wheelchair accessible. They have a front porch facing the common outdoor area to facilitate socializing.